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Mobile Gas Chromatograph (5/15/2017)
Application: Portable C6 Analysis of Natural Gas Description A Winn-Marion Barber LLC customer had a need for a permanently mounted gas chromatograph (GC) to... (more)
NGC Analysis Shelter (5/18/2017)
Application: Natural Gas (NGC) Analysis Shelter Description On-site natural gas chromatograph (NGC) shelters can be used where precise and continuous monitoring of selected components... (more)
Woodward Repair (10/11/2021)
Application: Woodward Governor Repair & Overhaul Using OEM Parts Description A mechanical governor is used to sense and control speed of a turbine or engine and... (more)
Custom Panel Design (7/24/2019)
Application: Custom Panel Design Meets UL-508A and UL-698A Standards Description Winn-Marion is a single source solution for customer industrial panels including design... (more)
Browse By Brand (3/23/2021)
Images Forms Landing Pages Media Products Represented by Winn-Marion Not all product lines are represented by every branch. Contact your local branch for more... (more)
Winn-Marion Territories & Locations (10/4/2021)
Images Forms Landing Pages Media Not Your Average Representative Note: Not all products are available in every territory. Contact your local Winn-Marion office or... (more)
Winn-Marion Solutions (8/4/2021)
Sales Assembly Repair & Electric Service Solutions Click on any of the Winn-Marion Solutions below to learn more. Heat Trace Complete range of heat tracing... (more)
Smart LACT System (5/16/2017)
Application: LACT Control Panel Description The LACT Control Panel is the electrical brain of the LACT unit and controls the operation of controls shutdowns and... (more)
Careers at Winn-Marion (1/7/2021)
Images Forms Landing Pages Media Winn-Marion is a Great Place to Work! Become part of a great group of employees who enjoy the stability... (more)
Catalyst Monitoring System (8/14/2017)
Application: MACT Compliant Catalyst Monitoring System Description Today s emissions regulations for Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines (RICE) are more stringent than ever. The monitoring of... (more)
Geothermal Plant Automation (10/14/2021)
Application: Geothermal Plant Automation Using Customized Cutting-Edge Cost Effective & Configurable Control System Description Many power plants utilize obsolete control systems where hardware failures can... (more)
Multiple Stream Chemical Injection (10/13/2021)
Application: Multiple Stream Chemical Injection System Description Using ABB s proven technology Winn-Marion has engineered a turnkey solution for optimizing well production with chemical... (more)
Technical Service Support (4/11/2018)
Beau Warner Corporate Accounts & Engineering Accounts Manager Cell: 303.501.6454 | Summary Beau is a full service account manager having spent... (more)
C1D1 Site Security & Surveillance (6/19/2020)
Images Forms Landing Pages Media Images Forms Landing Pages Media Application: High-quality 5MP Class I Div. 1 Rated Explosion-Proof Security & Surveillance Video Cameras... (more)
Coriolis Cleaning (10/12/2021)
Application: Coriolis Mass Flow Meter Cleaning Service Description With no moving parts Coriolis meters require very little testing or maintenance. While not known to have... (more)
Catalyst Cleaning (12/8/2020)
Application: Catalyst Element Cleaning Description Emissions from industrial processes and stationary engines can contain a cocktail of harmful gaseous pollutants. Together with particulate matter emissions... (more)
EV Charging (10/13/2021)
Smarter Mobility Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure For 47 years Winn-Marion has provided solutions for our customers with a commitment to superior sales and service... (more)
AFR Rich Burn Control (8/2/2017)
Application: AFR (Air/Fuel Ratio) Rich Burn Control System Description Staying compliant with emission regulations can add cost and maintenance to rich burn natural gas... (more)
Gas Processing Plant (8/14/2017)
Application: Gas Processing Plant Automation Description Controls obsolescence and increased desire for more precise control leaves these plants with the need to upgrade the systems... (more)
Level Detection (10/12/2021)
Application: Level detection and measurement. Description Pressure temperature flow and level are critical measurements. Accurate reliable liquid level detection for these measurement needs is necessary... (more)
Winn-Marion Wellness Monitor (6/30/2020)
Images Forms Landing Pages Media The Wellness Monitor Kiosk Can Help You Safely Reopen Your Business! An innovative contactless way to make screening potential illness... (more)
About WM Automation Service (3/27/2018)
WM Automation Service WM Automation Service LLC (WMAS) grew from our customers needs to get more done faster. Manpower is limited in many companies today... (more)
Wellhead Automation (10/12/2021)
Application: Automation measurement control and production enhancement. Description Many of the known natural gas reserves in the Rocky Mountains have fallen into the mature category... (more)
Solar Panel Kits (10/12/2021)
Application: Remote Power for Automation Measurement & Analytical Equipment Description The demanding environment of the oil and gas fields in the Rocky Mountains rarely includes the... (more)
Calendar of Events (8/2/2017)
Upcoming Events Winn-Marion participates in a number of industry events - trade shows conferences trainings workshops and industry organizations. Join us at any event! (more)
Heat Trace (10/11/2021)
Images Forms Landing Pages Media Images Forms Landing Pages Media Images Forms Landing Pages Media Images Forms Landing Pages Media Images Forms Landing Pages Media... (more)
Industrial Control Electricians (6/26/2018)
Application: Specialized Industrial Electrical Services - Heat Trace Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) Description Finding a reliable factory-certified industrial control electrician to provide turnkey solutions - from... (more)
ESD Valve (10/11/2021)
Images Forms Landing Pages Media Images Forms Landing Pages Media Images Forms Landing Pages Media Application: Emergency Shutdown Valves for Burner Fuel in a Refinery... (more)
SCADA Solution for Water & Wastewater Systems (9/21/2020)
Images Forms Landing Pages Media Images Forms Landing Pages Media Images Forms Landing Pages Media Images Forms Landing Pages Media Application: Modern SCADA Solution for... (more)
About Winn-Marion Inc (3/27/2018)
Winn-Marion Inc. Winn-Marion Inc. provides complete control integration services for a variety of unique and common applications. Utilizing powerful hardware and software products... (more)
WINNing Team (10/28/2019)
Company Culture Hear for yourself what our team members have to say about our company culture. We truly have a WINNing team of people who... (more)
Heat Trace Audit (10/11/2021)
Images Forms Landing Pages Media Application: The Heat Trace System Audit is a comprehensive assessment to ensure system reliability. Images Forms Landing Pages Media Images... (more)
Analyzer Services (8/4/2017)
Application: Winn-Marion s Analyzer Services Description Analyzers play a critical role in minimizing production downtime while maximizing operational efficiency product quality and adherence to... (more)
MEP SCADA System (12/5/2017)
Application: MEP SCADA System with Advanced Leak Detection Analytics Description Water disposal wells are a safe way to extract the byproducts of oil and gas... (more)
Rich Burn Control (8/14/2017)
Application: Natural Gas Rich Burn Emission Control Description Three-way catalysts reduce emissions dramatically in natural gas rich burn engines. Minimum emissions however are only... (more)
Ski Lift Engine Control (5/16/2017)
Application: Winn-Marion s Ski Lift Auxiliary Diesel Engine Control System Description Winn-Marion s Ski Lift Auxiliary Diesel Engine Control System is a modern... (more)
Fiber Optic Installation (6/11/2021)
fiber optic services Images Forms Landing Pages Media Winn-Marion provides a full line of fiber optic supplies which include but not limited to: patch... (more)
About Winn-Marion (4/6/2021)
Our Mission: To provide state-of-the-art automation solutions through superior sales service and innovation with an unmatched commitment to quality. About Winn-Marion... (more)
Electric Vehicle Charging Feasibility (10/13/2021)
Images Forms Landing Pages Media Winn-Marion will help you plan and install the most appropriate EV charging solutions for your business needs. We will... (more)
Winn-Marion Portal (6/16/2021)
Images Forms Landing Pages Media Welcome to the NEW Winn-Marion Employee Information Portal! This is a One Stop Shop to find valuable resources and... (more)
Gas Wellhead Automation (10/12/2021)
Application: Complete Turnkey Natural Gas Wellhead Automation Description Plunger lifts are used to increase gas production by keeping liquids off the formation. Generally it allows... (more)
Oxygen Analysis (10/12/2021)
Application: Natural Gas Wellhead Trace Oxygen Analysis & Shut-in Description A gathering company requires natural gas received from a producer to have less than 10... (more)
Expandable Pad Control (10/13/2021)
Application: Expandable Wellpad Control Description Winn-Marion was commissioned to design an innovative solution for complete pad control of an oil and gas production location... (more)