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PhyMetrix's innovative products for Trace Moisture Measurement includes fast, accurate and lightweight hand-held portable dew point meters and bench top moisture analyzers that provide better accuracy, reliability, field calibration, easy service and maintenance, long sensor life and quality assurance. 
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Moisture Analyzer, Explosion Proof

Item #: EXMA-I-A
Brand: PhyMetrix
Phymetrix Explosion-Proof Moisture Analyzer, -110°C to +20°C Dewpoint Sensor, 2 to 1000 PSIA ±1%, 316L Stainless Steel Wetted Parts, 3/4" OD Tube, 1/4" NPTF Inlet, 1/8" NPTF Outlet, -20°C to +60°C ExMa Moisture Meter Temp. Range, -20°C to +70°C LCD Operating Range, -30°C to +80° Storage Range
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