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ABB is a global leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact. Technology plays a key role for ABB. We have activities all over the world working to develop unique technologies that make our customers more competitive, while minimizing environmental impact. Winn-Marion is one of the largest Authorized ABB Value Providers in the USA for ABB Instrumentation, ABB K-Tek, ABB Process Analytics, ABB Totalflow and ABB Spirit IT.

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RTD, Probe Assembly, 10 ft, SS, Braided

Item #: 2011905-026
Brand: ABB
RTD Standard Probe Assembly, 10 ft Lead Wire Length, Stainless Steel Braided Cable Material, 10in Sheath Length, 0.25in Sheath Diameter, 500 °F Maximum Temperature
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Communication Module, RS485

Item #: 2015193-006
Brand: ABB
RS485 Communication Module with Protective Coating, Standard Pick for 6400/6700 Electronic Boards
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266HSH Transmitter, 0-1500 PSI, Adv HART

Item #: 2105660-013
Brand: ABB
266HSH High Overload Gauge Pressure Transmitter, Digital LCD Integral Display with Integrated Keypad, Surge/Transient Protector, 23.2 and 2320 psi Sensor Span Limit, HART and 4-20mA Output, FM Approved Explosion Proof, Aluminium Alloy Housing Material
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TFIO Mod, 8/Analog Input, M2, Green

Item #: 2100418-005
Brand: ABB
TFIO Analog Input Module, M2, Green, 8-Point Analog Input Module, Range 0 to 10V, Current Range 0 to 20mA
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TFIO Module, 8 Combo DI/DO, Yellow

Item #: 2100543-008
Brand: ABB
Exchange Module, TFIO, 8 Combo Digital (DI/DO/PI), Electronic Board Only, Yellow, 5VDC Internally Pulled up to 5VDC, Capacitance 1000pF Typical
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266HSH Transmitter, 0-6000 PSI, Adv HART

Item #: 2105660-017
Brand: ABB
266HSH High Overload Gauge Pressure Transmitter, Digital LCD Integral Display with Integrated Keypad, Surge/Transient Protector, 0 and 6000 psi Sensor Span Limit, HART and 4-20mA Output, FM Approved Explosion Proof, Aluminium Alloy Housing Material
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ABB Application Credits

Supplier Part #: CreditKey-99A-100B-AP1-ICB00-NST0
Brand: ABB
ABB Application Credit for XSeries G4 Flow Computers and RTUs, including the XFC, XRC, and uFLO Series.
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Cable for External Battery, 20in

Item #: 2015433-001
Brand: ABB
20in Cable, 16 AWG, with 16-14 AWG Butt Splice for use with External Battery
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Cable, Serial for Laptop, 25ft

Item #: 2015240-002
Brand: ABB
25ft Straight Cable, Flow Computer Unit Data Collection, Standard Pick, NGC/6625, Serial, 9 Pin for Laptop Computer
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266JST, Display, 250in, 500psi, Vert

Item #: 2105544-013
Brand: ABB
266JST Multivariable Transmitter with Integral LCD Display, Modbus RS485, 1/4-18 NPT Female Direct Vertical Connection, 2.5in-250in H2O DP Sensor Span Limits, 500psi SP Maximum Working Pressure, FM, CI,D1/2, Hastelloy C-276, Silicone Oil Fluid, AISI 316L SST Process Flanges, Aluminum Alloy Electronic Housing
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Battery, Lithium, 1500 mAh, 1.5in Round

Item #: 1487010-001
Brand: ABB
Battery, Lithium Thionyl Chloride, 1500 mAh, 3.6 Volt, 2/3 A-Size, Length 1.5in Round for used on Flow Computer Unit Boards (6400/6700)
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Cable, Battery for 26/30AH, 30in

Item #: 2018359-005
Brand: ABB
30in Cable, 14 AWG Wire, Ring Tongue Terminals, Fits Stud Sizes 1/4 or M6, for use with 26/30 Ah Battery: 1484003-004 and 1484003-101 Models
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