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ABB Totalflow

A leader in the automation industry, ABB offers a complete solution of primary meters, transmitters and flow computers. Totalflow flow computers, BTU/CV transmitters, data management and collection software and the full line of pre-configured solutions for the natural gas industry comprise the full-range of offerings from ABB.
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Magmeter, WaterMaster, 4in, MODBUS

Item #: FEW315-100-0007
FEW315.100.A.1.S.4.A1.B.1.A.1.A.0.G.1.B.4.M.1.M5. Watermaster magmeter, 4 in, PTFE Liner, 316SS measuring electrode, 2x SS equalizing rings, Cl 150 CS flanged connections, FM Cl 1 Div 2, IP 67/NEMA 4X, 24 VAC/DC, MODBUS
Factory Order

Bracket, Stem, Linear Valves

Item #: 614C190U76
Bracket, Stem, Linear Valves w/ Split Block
Factory Order

6413,800x1500 LtoR,232/485,20W,RTD

Item #: 6413-800X1500-0014
XFC6413Y-65A-1F-3BT-2EI-90B-9C-20D-454MYC-5A-6P-8G-10A-11N-12AXX-13AA-25A-26BF-27A-28A-43A-50K-1AQ-2WA-3HJ-AP04-46A-NST00-53A-6900-91A-92A (1)RS232, (1) RS485, 800x1500, 20W solar, RTD, mtg kit
Factory Order

FEW311025.A1S1A1B1A1A0A1B4A1JBM5V0CWY Ma

Item #: FEW311025.A1S1A1B1A1A0A1B4A1JBM5V0CWY
FEW311025.A1S1A1B1A1A0A1B4A1JBM5V0CWY MagMeter, 1 in, PTFE Liner, SS Ele, 150# Flange, 24V AC/DC, HART
Factory Order

Mag Meter, Water Master, 2 in

Item #: FEW315-050-0004
FEW315.050.A.1.S.4.A1.B.1.A.1.A.0.G.1.B.4.M.1.M5-..V3.CWY.T3, Watermaster Mag Meter, 2 inch, PTFE, CL1, DIV2, ANSI 150, 24V AC/DC, Modbus, Verimaster
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