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TEIP11-PS I/P Signal Converter 27 psi

Item #: IPC-001
Brand: ABB
TEIP11-PS I/P Signal Converter, with Power Stage, Explosion Protection 7 FM / CSA Intrinsically Safe and Explosion-proof, 4-20mA, 3 … 27; FM approved with Air Only
Factory Order
I/P Module for TZIDC-110/120

I/P Module for TZIDC-110/120

Item #: 7958513
Brand: ABB
I/P-Module, Exia, Double Act, Freeze for TZIDC-110/120 Electro-Pneumatic Positioner
Available Soon

I/P, Mounting Bracket

Item #: IPC-003
Brand: ABB
I/P, Mounting Bracket TEIP / TEPI Mounting bracket, stainless steel, for wall or 2 in. pipe mounting P/N 319345
Factory Order

TEIP11-PS I/P Signal Converter 15 psi

Item #: IPC-002
Brand: ABB
TEIP11-PS I/P Signal Converter, with Power Stage, Explosion Protection 7 FM / CSA Intrinsically Safe and Explosion-proof, 4-20mA, 3 … 15 psi; FM approved with Air Only
Factory Order

Filter Regulator, I/P Signal Converter

Item #: IPC-004
Brand: ABB
Filter Regulator for TEIP11-PS I/P Signal Converter, Max Pressure 150 psi
Factory Order
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