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Testo is a leading manufacturer of portable test and measurement instrumentation, combustion efficiency analyzers and air emissions analyzers.

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Testo 340 Portable Engine Tuner Kit

Testo 340 Portable Engine Tuner Kit

Item #: 400563-3343
Brand: Testo
Testo 340 Portable Combustion Analyzer, Engine Tuner Kit with O2, CO, and NO sensors. Includes Engine Probe (13" 1832°F, 7' Hose, Teflon-lined, no Thermocouple), 2x Dilution, Transport Case, Power supply, Particle Filters (10) and Filter Removal Tool.
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Testo 350 Portable Engine Analyzer Kit

Testo 350 Portable Engine Analyzer Kit

Item #: 400563 3513
Brand: Testo
Testo 350 Portable Emission Analyzer, Engine Testing Kit with O2, CO, NO, NO2 sensors. Includes Testo 350 control unit and analyzer box w/ Bluetooth (300ft), Engine Probe (13" 1832°F, 13' Hose, Teflon-lined, no Thermocouple), 6' Data Bus Comm Cable, easyEmission Software, extra Particle Filters, Calibration Certificate, Rugged Case.
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