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TLV 0100J3X10, J3X-10 Free Float Steam Trap, 1 in

Item #: 0100J3X10

Product Info


Free Float Steam Trap With Thermostatic Air Venting, 1in, Ductile Cast Iron, 10 Orifice No., Maximum Operating Pressure 150psi Features: • Self-modulating free float provides continuous, smooth, low velocity condensate discharge as process loads vary. • Only one moving part, the free float, prevents concentrated wear and provides long maintenance-free service life. • Thermostatic capsule (X-element) with “fail open” feature vents air automatically until close to steam temperature. • Built-in screen with large surface area ensures extended trouble-free operation. • Easy, inline access to internal parts simplifies cleaning and reduces maintenance costs.

Item Specifications

  • Ductile Cast Iron
  • 1 in
  • NPT
  • 150 psi
  • 428°F
  • 10
  • 6.6 lbs per EA
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