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Fairchild 10263BJ, Model 10 Precision Regulator, 2-150 psig

Model 10 Precision Regulator, 2-150 psig
Item #: 10263BJ

Product Info


Model 10 Pneumatic Precision Regulator, 2-150 psig, 3/8” NPT, 1/8" WC Sensitivity, Low Bleed, Fluorocarbon Elastomers Option, 0.10 psi Accuracy Model 10 is designed for applications that require high capacity and accurate process control. A supply valve which is balanced by utilizing a rolling diaphragm, insures a constant output pressure even during wide supply pressure variations. Stability of regulated pressure is maintained under varying flow conditions through the use of an aspirator tube which adjusts the supply valve in accordance with the flow velocity. Features: • Control sensitivity of 1/8" water column allows use in precision processes. • Pressure balanced supply valve prevents supply pressure changes from affecting the setpoint. • Optional check valve permits Backflow of downstream pressure when supply is opened to atmosphere. • Separate control chamber isolates the diaphragm from the main flow to eliminate hunting and buzzing. • An aspirator tube compensates downstream pressure droop under flow conditions. • NO Yellow Metals available for harsh media. • Canadian Registration Number (CRN) certification for all territories and provinces. • Hazardous Locations: Acceptable for use in Zones 1 and 2 for gas atmosphere; Groups IIA and IIB and Zones 21 and 22 for dust atmospheres. • Low Bleed (B) Option that reduces the bleed rate below that of a standard unit and can be used when bleed or consumption is an issue. A reduction in sensitivity will result from the lower bleed rate. Benefits: • Prevents supply pressure changes from affecting the setpoint • Isolates diaphragm from flow to eliminate hunting and buzzing • Compensates downstream pressure droop under flow conditions • Select the range best suited for your application • Permits backflow of downstream pressure • Facilitates the handling of harsh media

Item Specifications

  • Low Bleed
  • Fluorocarbon
  • 3/8 in NPT
  • 2 - 150 psi
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