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Flowserve 10E441166PMSE, Series 44 Three Piece Ball Valve, 1in

Series 44 Three Piece Ball Valve, 1in
Item #: 10E441166PMSE

Product Info


Series 44 Three Piece Ball Valve, 1in, Valve Body Pressure 1500 PSI, Cv 32, Polyfill Seats Features: • A stem seal design, consisting of live-loaded PEEK and Polyfill thrust bearings and seals, significantly increases valve cycle life over conventional ball valves and extends time between adjustments. • Actuators for Worcester's Series 44 three-piece valves are mounted on rigid, precisely machined, box-style brackets bolted to the valve center section. This brings a number of advantages to the valve user: -Actuator loads are on the valve body. -Actuators and brackets can be removed for service without affecting valve or piping integrity. -Easy access for stem seal adjustment. -Inventory simplification. Mounting brackets are common to three piece and equivalent flanged valves. • Multiple end connections, seat and seal combinations. • Swing-out design for easy maintenance. • Tight Shut-off and Bi-directional sealing. • Seat/Seal Leakage- Standard valves, less than 1 x 10-6 cc He/sec in board and through (bubble-tight is 1 x 10-4 cc He/sec). With preparation, leakage will be less than 2 x 10-9 cc He/sec. All valves 100% tested to bubble-tight standards.

Item Specifications

  • 3.1 lbs per EA
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