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ABB 2100543-008, TFIO Module, 8 Combo DI/DO, Yellow

TFIO Module, 8 Combo DI/DO, Yellow
Item #: 2100543-008

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Exchange Module, TFIO, 8 Combo Digital (DI/DO/PI), Electronic Board Only, Yellow, 5VDC Internally Pulled up to 5VDC, Capacitance 1000pF Typical Overview: 2100543 TFIO Module is a configurable 8-point digital I/O module. Each point can be configured to be either an input and/or output. All points are always inputs; however, if the output is activated the input will be held steady state. The module also maintains a 16-bit accumulator for each input; thus allowing any point to be used as a pulse accumulator. Wiring Requirements: When digital outputs are used to sink current, the sum total sink current for all points and modules should not exceed 5A total. If more than 5A are required, separate ground wires from module output ground to power source ground terminal (bus bar) are required. Failure to do so may cause erratic system operation. Sufficient gauge wire should be used to handle total load current. Use shielded pair or twisted pair conductors to reduce the possibility of erroneous transitions on the inputs in high EMI/RFI environments. (Ground the shield at field device). Point Specifications: Digital Input: • Dry Contact or voltage type • Minimum contact resistance to activate input 150K? • Maximum voltage to activate the input: 3.8V, referenced to GND terminal • Minimum voltage to deactivate the input: 4.75V, referenced to GND terminal Digital Output: • Open Drain FET • RDS(ON): 0.060? Typical. • Maximum continuous sink current: 2A @ 24VDC Pulse Input: • Maximum input frequency: 2850Hz @ 50% duty cycle. • Minimum high or low period: 175uS

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