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Fairchild 63252NKG, Model 63 Filter Service Regulator

Model 63 Filter Service Regulator
Item #: 63252NKG

Product Info


Model 63 Pneumatic Filter Service Regulator, 2-120 psig, 1/4” Port, NPT Thread, 1” WC Sensitivity, 2” Pressure Gauge Option, 0.5 psi Accuracy Features: • No-brass construction is well suited to harsh environments. • Epoxy coated finish for superior corrosion resistance • Non-bleed design to reduce consumption. • Integral Relief Valve. • A Gauge Port provides convenient pressure gauge mounting. • The standard 5-micron filter minimizes internal contamination. • The Filter Dripwell contains a Drain Plug to easily drain trapped liquids. • Standard Tapped Exhaust. • Soft Relief Seat minimizes air loss. • Canadian Registration Number (CRN) certification for all territories and provinces. Benefits: • Optimizes your process and productivity • Minimizes internal contamination. • Well suited to harsh environments • Superior corrosion resistance • Minimizes and reduces consumption • Responsive and repeatable operation • Provides fast and convenient pressure gauge mounting. • Allows user to easily drain trapped liquids. • Fast and easy venting of exhaust • Minimizes air loss through the regulator

Item Specifications

  • Knob Actuator
  • 2in Pressure Gauge
  • 1/4 in NPT
  • 2 - 120 psi
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