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Fossil Power Systems 9300-0002, Aquarian Brazed Probe, 3000psi, 1200deg

Aquarian Brazed Probe, 3000psi, 1200deg
Item #: 9300-0002

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Fossil Power Systems

Aquarian Brazed Probe, Maximum Pressure 3000 PSI, Maximum Temperature 1200°F Features: • High Density zirconium oxide ceramic wetted insulator improves steam & water detection through minimized contaminant build-up and enhanced water shedding. • 304 Stainless Steel body and tip. • Body and Tip are vacuum brazed to insulator. • Conductivity sensing to 0.25µmho through high joint integrity. • Simplified construction using brazed joint eliminates requirement for Belleville washers, copper cushion washer and critical rod bolt tension preload. • 100% gas tested to 2000 psi. • Hydro tested to 6000 psi. • Maximum pressure 3000 psi. • Maximum temperature 1200°F. • Two-year unconditional warranty from date of shipment. • Swagelok seal profile machined into bar stock probe body.

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