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Fossil Power Systems 9320-0200, Fossil Repair Kit, Ported Gauge

Fossil Repair Kit, Ported Gauge
Item #: 9320-0200

Product Info

Fossil Power Systems

Fossil Upgrade Repair Kit to Fit Yarway Color-Port Gauge Features: • This repair kit assembly enables the user to upgrade the standard Yarway one mica design to an improved configuration utilizing two mica. • The two mica design will provide longer port service life than the original one mica configuration. • Included in this assembly is the repair kit PN 9320-0109 (two mica) and a replacement flat washer (1020-0401). The flat washer is replaced just one time and adjusts the gauge assembly to accept the two mica configuration. This washer is clearly marked with the new part number to avoid confusion. Once the new flat washer is installed, subsequent ports repairs are performed with the standard Fossil Aquarian 3000 Visual two mica repair kit (PN 9320-0109). In addition, a special identification tag is provided that is attached to the gauge to indicate the applicable repair kit part number. The Repair Kit consists of the following 5 components: 1. Cushion Gasket - High temperature Graphoil. 2. Window - Precision ground Aluminosilicate glass. 3. Mica - Premium V-1 quality clear ruby muscovite. 4. Sealing Gasket - Laminated and die-formed graphoil. 5. Gasket Retainer - 300 Series stainless steel.

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