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Woodward 9905-144, Speed Controller, 2301A, (Analog)

Speed Controller, 2301A, (Analog)
Item #: 9905-144

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2301A Full Authority Speed Controller, Forward, 10 to 40 VDC Supply Voltage, 0–200 mA Actuator Current Features: • The 2301A Full Authority Speed Control controls the speed or load of diesel or gas engines, or steam or gas turbines according to the demand of a process or a computer control signal of 4–20 mA or 1–5 VDC. • The control is housed in a sheet-metal chassis and consists of a single printed circuit board. All potentiometers are accessible from the front of the chassis. • The 2301A Full Authority Speed Control provides control in the isochronous mode with droop available through an externally-wired potentiometer. • The isochronous mode is used for constant speed of the controlled prime mover as long as it is able to satisfy the load. Isochronous is also used when load sharing with a Woodward load sensor.

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