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Woodward 9905-373, DSLC Digital Synchronizer / Load Control

DSLC Digital Synchronizer / Load Control
Item #: 9905-373

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DSLC Digital Synchronizer and Load Control, Speed Bias 500 Hz PWM, 120V Voltage Input, Open Delta PT Configuration Features: • Synchronizer and load control in one box • Automatic generator loading and unloading for bumpless load transfer • Isochronous load sharing with other DSLC-equipped sets • Process import/export control • VAR or Power Factor control • Dead bus closing • Accurate control of non-linear and distorted generator wave forms • Digital communications network for information exchange between controls • Programmable load switch or reverse power trip output • UL and cUL Listed Advantages: • Reduces wiring between synchronizer, load control and automatic loading controls • Having functions integrated into one box eliminates the need for redundant sensors (like PTs, CTs, and MOPs) that connect to individual modules such as the load sensor and synchronizer • Hand Held Programmer reduces installation and calibration time by allowing the user to set up the control prior to starting the system • Hand Held Programmer lets operator monitor generator parameters, contact switches, and analog I/O for installation and troubleshooting • Reduces the amount of cabinet space needed • Eliminates the need for additional relay logic or a PLC to control dead bus closing • Digital communications across the LON reduce susceptibility to noise on the load sharing lines • Slip frequency paralleling, voltage matching, and speed bias transfer between the synchronizer and load control result in smooth paralleling without the risk of reverse power trips • Three-phase true RMS power sensing makes the DSLC control accurate even with unbalanced phase loading and voltage fluctuations

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