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ABB FET325.1.A.0.P.1.B.3.B.1.H2...M5, FET325 Remote Transmitter for FEP325

FET325 Remote Transmitter for FEP325
Item #: FET325.1.A.0.P.1.B.3.B.1.H2...M5

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FET325 Remote Transmitter with Explosion Protection, usFMc Div 2 Zone 2, 100-230V AC, 60 Hz, IP 67 (NEMA 4X) Protection, HART + 20 mA Passive + Pulses + Contact Input / Output, 1/2 in. NPT Cable Gland, Dual-Compartment Housing / Aluminium Features: • Powerful and flexible transmitter: All product versions utilize a common electronics cartridge to lower inventory costs and spare parts. This same cartridge can be deployed in integral and remote installations - including hazardous area locations - and features active/passive current and pulsed outputs. Standard HART protocol enables online modification and monitoring of parameters. • Intuitive navigation and configuration: The user-friendly interface allows quick and simple data entry for all process parameters. “Easy Setup” guides the operator step by step through the menu to set parameters as fast as possible. With the Softkey functionality, the configuration is as simple as using a mobile phone. • Speed, ease and security in the field: Advanced data storage inside the sensor eliminates the need to match sensor and transmitter in the field. The on-board sensor memory eliminates the possible problems associated with pluggable data memory modules. • Detailed diagnostics for rapid decision making: ProcessMaster monitors its own operability and your process. Using the infrared service port, future enhanced diagnostics can be inserted without interrupting operations. ProcessMaster is proven to be robust and reliable, with unmatched diagnostic capabilities providing the right information to keep the process up and running.

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