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ABB LM80.AC.CSA, LM80 Laser Level Transmitter

LM80 Laser Level Transmitter
Item #: LM80.AC.CSA

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LM80 Laser Level Transmitter, Powder Coated Aluminum with Non Condensing Optics, 1 Bar Pressure, 24V DC Typical, ±30 mm Accuracy, ±10 mm Resolution The laser level transmitter (LM80) is a non-contact, level measuring instrument designed for granular solid materials and opaque liquids. Based on pulsed laser technology, the LM80 embodies speed and accuracy in a single, easy to use and install product. The characteristic narrow beam divergence of the laser permits direct aiming to the target surface without interference from structure or falling material. With both continuous 4-20 mA and single point relay outputs, the LM80 can operate as a process control transmitter while simultaneously providing high and low alarms. Whether measuring a few meters into the confined space of a crusher, or to the bottom of the tallest silo, the LM80 with its laser pointer and long range is the plug-and-play solution to level measurement. Features: Level measurement made easy • Maintenance free, non-contact continuous level transmitter • No calibration required • Continuous level monitoring for granular solid materials and opaque liquids • Measures solids and opaque liquids at any angle • Built-in laser pointer for accurate alignment in narrow or tall vessels • Auto-ranging to measure all levels • Available non condensing heated optics prevent condensation issues A convenient solution • Rugged and robust powder coated aluminum or stainless steel enclosures can be used in any environment • CSA, ATEX and IECEx potentially explosive atmosphere ratings • Easy to install and configure without filling or emptying the vessel • 4-20 mA and dual relay outputs High performance • Less than 0.3° beam divergence for precision targeting • No false echoes • Range up to 100 m (330 ft.) for level applications and up to 150 m (490 ft.) for positioning applications. • Three updates per second • Can penetrate moderate dust Many different materials • Measures all clearly visible surfaces irrespective of texture, granularity, slope and / or color • Measures any opaque liquid level independent of dielectric constant or other physical properties • Accurately measures to the surface of mineral ores, grains, and synthetic materials • Examples include: gold and metal ores, coal, corn, rice, coffee, plastic pellets, oils and fuels Many different vessels • Works in all types of storage vessels including silos, tanks, feed chutes, bunkers and hoppers • Can measure through narrow gaps • Reads to the bottom of silos and tanks Options and accessories • Stainless steel dust tubes and cooling tubes • Stainless steel 4 and 6 inch universal mounting plates sized for ANSI 150 and DIN PN10 flanges • Stainless steel raised face ANSI and DIN Flanges • 4” Triclover fittings • Handheld configuration device (LCD2)

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