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Woodward DYNT-13200, Magnetic Pickup, 3/4-16 w/Leads, 2.36 in

Magnetic Pickup, 3/4-16 w/Leads, 2.36 in
Item #: DYNT-13200

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DYNT 13000 Series Magnetic 3/4-16 Pickup With 2 Unshielded 36 in 16 AWG Leads, 2.36 in Insertion Depth, 3.6V Output Voltage, 3575 Ohms Maximum Resistance, -100°F to +225°F Temperature Range Features: • Magnetic pickup (MPUs) is speed sensor that detect the speed of a prime mover, typically an engine or turbine. • They are the communication link between your engine and a Woodward electronic governor control. The MPU is installed next to a drive shaft gear made of a material that reacts to a magnetic field. As each gear tooth passes the MPU, the gear interrupts the MPU's magnetic field, and an alternating voltage is developed. • The frequency of this voltage is translated by the speed control into a signal that accurately depicts the speed of the prime mover.

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