Dyna-Flo E1000003, Self-Contained Hydraulic ESD System

Self-Contained Hydraulic ESD System

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Argus Seal Kit Model HP02 for E1000003 Pump
Manual Latch for Argus ESD Pump
Reservoir, Hydraulic Pump, includes seal, drain and label
Argus Relief Valve; High Pressure for ESD Hydrulic Actuator
Item #: E1000003

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Argus Self-Contained Hydraulic ESD System, 1750 psi Output w/ 2L Reservoir Features • Simplified Control Circuit – designed for use with the Argus Two-Line Pressure Pilot. • Modular Design – all functioning components are manifold mounted outside of the reservoir, to simplify maintenance and reduce downtime. • Single Pressure System – eliminates the need for low pressure regulators and relief valves on the control circuit. • Sealed System – pressure vacuum breather combats the formation of condensation in the fluid reservoir. • Manual Override – is standard for quick shutdowns. • Non-Foaming Hydraulics – deflector fitting prevents entrapment of air in the hydraulic oil. • Filtered Hydraulics – filter elements strategically placed throughout the system assist in preventing damage to system components. • Coated Components – to combat corrosion. • Enhanced Safety – The use of an optional closed circuit fusible plug with our system returns fluid directly to the reservoir (rather than to atmosphere) in the event of a fire.

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