ABB FEM315-100-0007, FEM315 MiniMag, 4 in, Wafer, ETFE, Div 1

FEM315 MiniMag, 4 in, Wafer, ETFE, Div 1
Item #: FEM315-100-0007

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FEM315 MiniMag, 4 in, ETFE liner, Hastelloy C-4 Measuring Electrodes, Wafer Style, Class 1 Div 1, 24V, 1 current output active, 1 pulse output FEM315.100.E.1.D.0.W1.Y.1.A.1.A.0.R.1.B.4.D.1.M5.H2 ProcessMaster Wafer is designed specifically to meet the increased requirements on advanced flowmeters. The modular design concept offers flexibility, cost-saving operation and reliability while providing a long service life and exceptionally low maintenance. Integration into ABB asset management systems and usage of the self-monitoring and diagnostic functions increase the plant capacity and reduce downtimes. Features: • Intuitive operation o Softkey-based functionality o “Easy Set-up” function • Non-contact buttons o Parameterization of the device without the need to open the housing • Diagnostics for real-life situations o Status messages in accordance with NAMUR o Help texts in the display • Maximum measuring accuracy o Maximum measuring error: 0.4 % of rate • Universal transmitter o Reduces spare parts inventory costs and storage costs • Flowmeter sensor featuring state-of-the-art memory technology o Prevents errors and enables quick and reliable commissioning • HART Communication standard o Access to all status information

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  • 4 in
  • Wafer
  • DC
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