Solutions With Innovation L312C7183-0001, L312 Float Level Switch w/ 48in Probe

L312 Float Level Switch w/ 48in Probe
Item #: L312C7183-0001

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Solutions With Innovation

L312 Custom Vertically-Mounted Liquid Level Float Switch, Probe Length 48", Ideal For Small Tanks, 1-1/4" NPT Mount Type The vertically-mounted L312 Multi-Level Float Switch is designed to monitor up to five levels on a single device. With only one entry, the L312 can track changing levels within a small tank, as well as monitor liquid interfaces of dissimilar liquids for oil/water separations, chemical emulsions and condensation levels. Probe lengths are available up to 4' with numerous combinations of floats, mounts, enclosures and materials to suit every application. Features: • Economical & Versatile • Probe Lengths Up to 4' • Capable of Up to 5 Switch Positions • 50 VA Switch (Standard) • Adjustable Probe Model Options • Over 360 Combinations to Customize

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