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Flowserve L93WP4, Flowserve Pulsair III Positioner, 4-20mA

Flowserve Pulsair III Positioner, 4-20mA
Item #: L93WP4

Product Info


Pulsair III Loop-Powered Microprocessor-Controlled Positioner, 4-20 mA Input Signal, Double-Acting Actuator Features: • Digital Valve Positioner combines exceptional performance with user-friendly Human Machine Interface. • The positioner is programmed and calibrated using the five pushbuttons which are accessible when the aluminum cover is removed. • Auto Calibration includes - Leak Test, Air Delivery Optimization, Diagnostic Message Center. • Programming Options - Basic, Advanced and Expert • Sealed Piezoelectric Element - Reduce downtime caused by moisture-laden air. • Internal Piezoelectric Air Filter - Additional protection from contaminated air. • Sealed Electrical Compartment - Protects electronics from conduit moisture. • Rotary and Linear - Program selectable. • Selectable Fail Mode - Open, closed, last position. • Advanced Performance Programming - Improves process control. • Advanced Diagnostics - Performance status with alarm monitoring.

Item Specifications

  • Pneumatic
  • 4 - 20 mA
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