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Habonim P90002463, COMPACT Spring Return Pneumatic Actuator

COMPACT Spring Return Pneumatic Actuator
Item #: P90002463

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Habonim COMPACT II 4-Piston Pneumatic Actuator, Spring Return, C30 Size, 2C Springs Set, Metric Thread, Viton O-Rings Habonim item C30 SR 2C-V The COMPACT is a quarter turn rack & pinion pneumatic actuator. The superiority of the COMPACT actuator results from the four pistons which generate torque around a centrally located pinion, thereby giving more than double the torque achieved by other designs. Features
  • NAMUR output drive for limit switches and positioners
  • Springs painted for protection and fitted coaxially in a chambers various spring combinations available to suit varying air pressure
  • Rugged body construction, anodized and with double layer coating for protection against corrosion
  • Smaller in overall size compared to double piston actuators
  • The modified spring set design improves the torque characteristics of the COMPACT actuator
  • Spring return covers with extented screws for safe relief of springs
  • One cover always with NAMUR interface for solenoid mounting
  • Limit stop for open-close and intermediate positions
  • Visible position indicator with coloured arrows and a high profile puck for limit switches
  • 4 pistons symmetrically driving a central pinion with a balanced construction eliminates side loads
  • Patented 4-piston actuator provides double the torque output than a dual piston actuator
  • COMPACT size with flat covers for double acting applications and minimum air consumption

Item Specifications

  • Spring Return
  • 11 lbs per EA
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