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Analytical Industries Inc. PSR-12-223, PPM Oxygen Sensor for B2C/OX1/T1

PPM Oxygen Sensor for B2C/OX1/T1
Item #: PSR-12-223

Product Info

Analytical Industries Inc.

Oxygen Sensor, Replacement For B2C, OX1 And T1 Sensor, Measuring Range 0-100%, Accuracy +/-2% of Full Scale, Operating Temp 0 to 45°C, 295-625 uA Signal Output Features: • PSR-12-223 replaces B2, B2C, OX1 and T1 sensor. • The sensor is galvanic type oxygen sensor with excellent stability and accuracy under stringent applications. • All sensors are subjected to the most extensive stability test. OEM Equipment: • AMI T1 Sensor • GE Sensing Panametrics OX-1 Sensor • Teledyne B-2/C/CAP/C-XL Sensor • Teledyne M-2 Sensor • Teledyne S-2 Sensor • Teledyne Z-2 Sensor

Item Specifications

  • PPM Oxygen
  • 1 lbs per EA
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