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Parker PGI SM-G6000-I, Gas Sampler Controller Card

Gas Sampler Controller Card
Item #: SM-G6000-I

Product Info

Parker PGI

Interceptor Gas Sampler Controller Card, G6000 Features: • Sample Rate can be set to Time-Based or Flow-Based. • Flow Signal type is field selectable to accept pulses, voltage (1-5 volts), or current (4-20 milliamps). • RTD input used to display and monitor heated sample enclosure temperature. • Configurable alarm output can be enabled for one or more of the following events: Low battery, Power switch off, Emergency Shut Down (ESD) detected, Low and/or High RTD temperature and Maximum Sample Count. • Sample count limit can be set to disable pump or alarm after a fixed number of samples have been taken. • Time-Stamped Event log for operational history. • Pre-saved settings can be downloaded to control card to simplify installation via SA-port. • G6000 will remember previous settings even after power is removed.

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  • 2.00 lbs per EA
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