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Winn-Marion TRA9023NP, Phantom Omni Antenna, 902-928 MHz

Phantom Omni Antenna, 902-928 MHz
Item #: TRA9023NP

Product Info


Phantom Omni Antenna- 902-928 MHz ISM - N Female - No Ground Plane Required Features: • The antenna's revolutionary design features field diversity with both vertical and horizontal polarization components. • This gives the antenna diversity, frequency agility, low visibility, wide bandwidth and a low angle radiation pattern that is superior to traditional gain antennas in most applications. • Whipless Design: The patented whipless design of the Laird / Antenex Phantom antenna allows your fleet to pass through car washes without removing the antenna. Using a low profile, shot-glass or salt shaker design means they don't look like traditional antennas. So, they attract less attention, are subject to less vandalism, and have lower wind resistance. The Phantom Antenna is also less susceptible to damage by low hanging trees, garages or other obstructions. • Field Diversity: Field diversity means that the antenna is simultaneously sensitive to both the electric and magnetic fields of the signal, like having two antennas. Field diversity makes the antenna resistant to the picket-fence fading and multipath nulls that are found in urban operation and undulating mobile environments. • Mounting: The Phantom Antenna series is available in several different versions within each frequency range. These versions include: Standard NMO mount or N-Female / permanent mount (metallic ground plane IS required) as well as NMO mount or N-Female / permanent mount with NGP option (where NO metallic ground plane is required) We strongly suggest using the N-Female P/ Permanent models for high risk applications such as digital signage, free-standing kiosks and automated meter reading DCU data collection units where antennas must resist vandalism. • Versatile: Excellent for voice or telemetry applications. • True Field Diversity design ensures uninterrupted transmissions in urban canyons and rural drop off areas.

Item Specifications

  • 902 - 928 MHz
  • 3 dBi
  • Omnidirectional
  • 0.17 lbs per EA
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