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Analytical Industries Inc. XLT-12-123, PPM Oxygen Sensor for A2C/OX2/T2

PPM Oxygen Sensor for A2C/OX2/T2
Item #: XLT-12-123

Product Info

Analytical Industries Inc.

PPM Oxygen Sensor Galvanic Type, Replacement For A2C, OX2 And T2, Measuring Range 0-25%, Accuracy +/-2% of Full Scale, Signal Output 295-625 uA, Operating Temp 0 to 45°C Features: • XLT-12-123, replaces A2C, OX2 & T2, This PPM oxygen sensor is galvanic type oxygen sensor with excellent stability and accuracy under stringent applications. All sensors are subjected to the most extensive stability test, output in air, 30? of water column pressure test and stability at 100% oxygen. • Recommended in gas mixtures with CO2 > 0.5% OEM Equipment: • AMI T2 Sensor • GE Sensing Panametrics OX-2 Sensor • Teledyne A-2, A-2C Sensors

Item Specifications

  • PPM Oxygen
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