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Analytical Industries Inc. XLT-12-333-LD, PPM Oxygen Sensor (GPR-1500 AIS/IS-LD)

PPM Oxygen Sensor (GPR-1500 AIS/IS-LD)
Item #: XLT-12-333-LD

Product Info

Analytical Industries Inc.

PPM Oxygen Sensor for GPR-1500 AIS/IS-LD, Sensitivity <0.1 PPM , Response Time 90% Of Full Scale In Less Than 10 Sec, Accuracy +/-2% FS Features:
  • XLT-12-333 PPM oxygen sensor uses a proprietary electrolyte that demonstrates excellent compatibility with gas streams containing up to 100% of carbon dioxide (CO2).
  • This sensor has become a standard for measuring oxygen contamination in beverage grade CO2 and natural gas streams. Required for continuous exposure to gases containing CO2 levels >0.5%, the XLT sensor also features an extended operating temperature range down to -10°C.
  • Exhibit superior stability at low PPM oxygen levels, faster recovery from excursions to high oxygen concentrations and a longer service life than traditional sensors.

Item Specifications

  • PPM Oxygen
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