TLV 0014NF6, NF6 Non-Freeze Drain Valve, 1/4 in

Item #: 0014NF6

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Automatic Non-Freeze Drain Valve Option For Free Float Steam Traps, Screwed, 1/4in, Brass, Maximum Operating Pressure 285psi Features: • NF6 opens to drain residual condensate shortly after the shut-off steam-using equipment when steam pressure is in the trap decreases to about 0.02 MPaG. • NF6 closes steam-tight immediately after start-up of the steam-using equipment when steam pressure in the trap rises about 0.03 MPaG. • The normal operation of the steam trap is unaffected by the NF6. • Built-in screen protects valve from clogging. • Al internal parts are made of stainless steel or brass.

Item Specifications

  • Brass
  • NPT
  • 1/4 in
  • 0.19 lbs per EA
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