Bright Automation BR-WI-V, Wireless Inclinometer, 4-20mA, 2.4GHz

Wireless Inclinometer, 4-20mA, 2.4GHz
Item #: BR-WI-V

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Bright Automation

Wireless Inclinometer, 4-20 mA Signal Receiving Module Output, 2.65-5.35V Analog Output, RS232 Communications Connections, 2.4GHz Frequency Features: • Solar Powered - The transmitting module uses solar grids to generate power, which is stored in a lithium battery, allowing the wireless inclinometer to be fully solar powered. • Wireless Digital Communication - The wireless inclinometer employs 2.4GHz wireless digital communication technology to produce a real-time wireless angle displacement signal transmission. • Magnetic Attachment Installation Method - The wireless inclinometer, with a built in magnet, is attached on the top of the walking beam, which enables easy and safe installation and removal. • Standard Output - The receiving module output is a standard 4-20mA signal, while providing real-time angle displacement signal through a standard RS232 signal. The standard analog output enables convenient replacement of traditional inclinometers. Benefits: • Fully wireless; easy installation • Eliminates wiring that poses a safety hazard • Proven to withstand harsh environments

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