TLV GT10L, GT10L PowerTrap Pump w/ Built-in Trap

GT10L PowerTrap Pump w/ Built-in Trap
Item #: GT10L

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PowerTrap Mechanical Pump with Built-in Trap, 1-1/2" NPT Inlet x 1" NPT Outlet, 3,080 lb/h Approx. Max. Pump Discharge Capacity Features: • No cavitation or seal leakage. • Non-electric design with durable nickel-based alloy compression spring for reliable performance. • Pump will operate with a low filling head (min. 12”). • Easy, inline access to internal parts simplifies cleaning and reduces maintenance costs. • Intake/exhaust valve heads are both Rockwell 65C with 45C seat for maximum durability. • High quality stainless steel internals ensure reliability. • Compact design permits installation in a limited space. • Float resist hydraulic shock to 1500 psig. • 2-year warranty for snap action mechanism.

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  • 110 lbs per EA
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