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Atrex ARP Remote Power Generator


Product Info

Atrex Energy

Atrex Energy APR Series Remote Power Generator, 500-1500W Max Output, 25-35% Efficiency, 5 - 60 VDC, 100Amp Max Current, 1/2in FNPT Fuel Connection, MODBUS Interface

Available in Natural Gas or Propane, as well as CSA Certified models. Contact Winn-Marion to order.

Atrex Energy’s ARP Series Remote Power Generation System is a superior solution for providing continuous, unattended power for remote or off-grid applications. This field-proven power generation system operates in the harshest conditions with high levels of fuel efficiency. Based on state of the art solid oxide fuel cell technology, these generators use commercially available natural gas or propane to produce power without external reforming.

Because the Atrex Energy generators do not burn fuel, the only emissions are small amounts of water vapor and CO2. No harmful NOx or SOx emissions contribute to air pollution. A state of the art User Interface Panel with touchpad and LED screen increases the ability to remotely monitor, control and adjust system parameters, reducing site visits.

Key Benefits:
• Competitive Total Cost of Ownership
• Natural gas and propane models
• High efficiency = low fuel consumption = significant fuel savings
• Remote monitoring and control
• Quiet, safe, clean with minimal emissions = Green
• CSA Certified to FC-1 standard

Oil & Gas – Cathodic Protection, SCADA & Instrumentation, Chemical Injection Pumps, Valve Actuation
Telecom & Radio – Off-grid Microwave and Broadband Repeater Stations, Radio Transmitters, Cellular Base Stations
Rail – Signaling and Control
Environmental Monitoring – LIDAR, SONAR, Meteorology Stations
Mining & Construction – Lighting, Surveillance

Item Specifications

  • 1/2 in FNPT
  • 100 A
  • 1500 W
  • 5 - 60 VDC
  • 419 lbs per EA
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