Application: Coriolis Mass Flow Meter Cleaning Service


With no moving parts, Coriolis meters require very little testing or maintenance. While not known to have issues, Coriolis meters, in extreme installation applications, can begin to collect material within the internal tubing, thereby restricting flow and performance.


Winn-Marion provides a Coriolis cleaning service. The process typically takes 24-48 hours:

  • A safe, non-corrosive cleaning solution is applied to break up the materials that coagulate within the meter.
  • The Coriolis is pressure-washed.
  • The Coriolis tubing is inspected using a digital microscope to ensure all obstructions are removed.
  • The cleaned Coriolis is installed on Winn-Marion's custom-built test stand. Water flow is applied to the meter where the Coriolis' gain is tested and approved.
  • Winn-Marion services any Coriolis, regardless of the manufacturer.