Application: Emergency Shutdown Valves for Burner Fuel in a Refinery


In most refineries, a shut-off valve is placed in-line to allow operators to shut down process lines in the event of an emergency. These are commonly referred to as ESD.

ESD Valves are usually activated by a solenoid valve and are also equipped with limit switches for position feedback. In normal operation, ESD valves typically remain unused - remaining in the same position for many months or even many years. The lack of use causes concern with operators that the valve may not close when called on.

Special test procedures have been developed and are used in most production environments which offer an effective and practical method for testing shut-off valves to ensure they work when needed. For example, partial stroke testing is a common practice, allowing valves to be partially stroked for testing purposes, without causing major interruption for downtime to the production process.


Winn-Marion combines decades of control valve experience along with today's "smart" positioner technology to automate this test procedure. Winn-Marion's valve technicians will build, calibrate, and test the valves to specification.