Smarter Mobility
Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

For 47 years, Winn-Marion has provided solutions for our customers with a commitment to superior sales and service with unmatched dedication to quality. As the Electric Vehicle market emerges and the adoption of ZEV (Zero Emissions Vehicle) rules, we are now able to provide additional ABB solutions to more customers. We are pleased to add ABB EV Chargers to our great products and service.

The Future-Proof Solution

ABB’s EV Charging Technology and Services are committed to a future-proof strategy that includes operational reliability, a 24/7/365 direct service network, open interoperability, best-in-class connected services, and a proactive product road-map built on close work with OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) around the world.

Supporting our hardware, ABB invested significantly into a portfolio software options that offer a combination of cloud-enabled and local interface connected services for always-live authentication, payment enablement, remote monitoring, upgradability and data telematics.

ABB Terra HP Chargers are ideally suited for highway corridor charging, travel plazas and convenience stops. The system is expandable over time by adding additional power cabinets and charge posts after initial site installation. The capability delivers future-proof site planning flexibility by offering a cost-efficient way to build expandable charge points that can grow with EV market demand.

EV Feasibility consultation

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EV Charging incentives

Federal and state tax incentives and rebates are available for the installation of electric vehicle chargers.