Application: The Heat Trace System Audit is a comprehensive assessment to ensure system reliability.

• Bulk Storage
• Construction Industry
• Cryogenic Storage
• Food Processing
• Instrument Impulse Lines
• Petrochemical
• Pharmaceuticals
• Power Industry
• Pulp & Paper
• Refineries


Cold weather operations are challenging for plant operators, particularly where severe winter is rare. Plant outages caused by cold weather events are problematic. For ERCOT generators, and all NERC regions, winter preparation is now a regulatory requirement.


Winn-Marion's Heat Trace System Audit is a comprehensive assessment to ensure system reliability. This detailed analysis is an essential maintenance tool that provides an opportunity to address heat trace issues and prevent costly downtime.

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Instrument Tubing Bundles

Winn-Marion can provide you with heated tubing bundle solutions for applications ranging from pressure transmitters, process analyzers, Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS), freeze protection, process temperature maintenance or high temperature exposure. TubeTrace® electrically heated tubing bundles are available with the full line of Thermon electric heat tracing cables.

• High Temperature
• Steam heated
• Analyzer bundles

Steam Tracing

We supply steam tracers that provide predictable heat transfer properties necessary for temperature-sensitive processes. The predictable temperature control of Thermon steam tracing products can rival the heat delivery of a fully jacketed system.


• Heat transfer compounds
• Clamp-on heaters
• Pre-Insulated tubing bundles
• Isolated steam tracers
• Tank and Vessel heating units