Application: Natural Gas Wellhead Trace Oxygen Analysis & Shut-in


A gathering company requires natural gas received from a producer to have less than 10 ppm oxygen. Higher levels are indicative of a leak, which are much more prevalent in this low-pressure field. Oxygen, combined with the moisture inherent in the gas stream, creates a dangerous corrosion hazard in the gather's high-pressure system.


WM Automation Service, LLC provides turnkey supply and installation of this analyzer and slam-valve package. When the oxygen level reaches a point of 10 ppm or higher, a pulse is sent to the valve to slam it shut. This gives the producer the opportunity to inspect the well and compression in order to find the leak. Otherwise the high oxygen reading would be seen by the gathering company and the producer's well would be shut-in by the gatherer. When this happens, the downtime before the well can be brought online may be days, resulting in great loss of production and income.