The Wellness Monitor Kiosk Can Help You Safely Reopen Your Business!
An innovative contactless way to make screening potential illness or fever easier! 

We are aware of the current state of our economy and the challenges many companies are facing. During this time, it is important for you to make sure that your employees, clients, and customers are entering a safe environment.

As some states are allowing most nonessential businesses to reopen, there are heavy restrictions at restaurants, salons, and other stores, and a positive COVID-19 test could jeopardize your business. If you want to reopen your business with assurance that your company will be safe from any cases, Winn-Marion has the solution.

Introducing the Winn-Marion Wellness Monitor. Our monitor can play a part in helping you avoid any costly closing orders by ensuring that your staff and customers are fully healthy. Face masks and checking temperatures are two of the most important steps you must have to ensure the safety of your business. The Wellness Monitor will help to eliminate costs by replacing a dedicated temperature monitor with a stationary kiosk that can quickly check people for fever within a matter of seconds.

The Wellness Monitor will provide a temperature reading via IR scanning with 99.7 percent accuracy, alerting you immediately if somebody is showing signs of fever. Plus, by having the contactless remote kiosk in place, it lessens the chance of your employees coming in direct contact with anyone that may have a fever, helping to prevent the spread of viruses to incoming guests and employees. Take the necessary steps to reopen your business safely and reassure your community that you have their health in mind.

While IR thermometers are available on the market for easy temperature measurement, employers often run into challenges that they verbalize as:

• “How do I know my employees took their temperature that morning?”
• “Does anyone know who has the thermometer?”
• “We’re out of disinfecting wipes for the thermometer – does anyone know where we have more?”

The Wellness Monitor was developed out of a need for workplace safety in this time of global pandemic. An easy to use, contactless solution was desired. With a quick scan of an employee’s palm a nominal temperature reading is provided via an easy to understand GUI (graphical user interface).

In addition to providing these results in seconds, the event is captured and logged in the Wellness Monitor network interface. A photo of the employee is also captured for easy identification.

     Three resultant status’ are displayed:

“Inconclusive Test Result – Please Try Again”

a. This could occur due to the person’s palm being too far from the infrared temperature sensor or another fault (person was just holding a cold drink in that hand, as an example).

“Temperature Within Allowable Limits”

3. RED
“Feverish Temperature Detected"  Please Take Your Temperature with Thermometer Before Proceeding”

The Wellness Monitor is not intended as a medical device. Think of it like a mother’s palm on a sick child’s forehead. It is a first line detection of fevers in the workplace which could be an indicator of contagious viral infections.