Application: Woodward Governor Repair & Overhaul Using OEM Parts


A mechanical governor is used to sense and control speed of a turbine or engine, and is a critical component for the safe and reliable performance of the rotating equipment. Woodward Governor has been making governors for more than 140 years and many units are still installed that were built more then 30-years ago. Like any mechanical device, routine maintenance and overhaul is required to ensure continued, reliable operation. Hydraulic actuators are used to convert small electrical signals from an electronic governor into high mechanical forces to precisely position a fuel system, steam valve(s), gas valve, or liquid fuel valve, to accurately regulate the speed or load of a turbine or engine. Like a mechanical governor, these actuators and valves must receive routine maintenance.


Winn-Marion Barber, LLC is the only Woodward factory authorized repair facility in the Rocky Mountain states. Our highly trained governor experienced governor repair technicians install only genuine Woodward Governor parts following exact factory specifications and testing procedures. We can handle your entire Woodward repair and remanufacturing needs, including governors, actuators, and combustion turbine gas, liquid, and water valves. Following a recommended preventative maintenance schedule ensures continued safe operation of your prime movers. We also have certified, trained experts who can provide upgrade options and training for your rotating equipment speed control and shutdown needs.